My different point of view
Makes me see another way
Of a world without someone like you
You say my words make no sense
But did you listen to me at all

There’s no chance to light up your mind
Did you ever thought to use your brain
At the end we all play the same old game

You can’t see through, you’ll feel soon
Bitter sweet
One day you see through, pain will treat you
Like rising heat
That you are left alone, you hypocrite
You will drown in your lies, buried in your shit

Why don’t you just shut your mouth
That would be better for each of us
So many times, many days you waste your life with bullshit
You’re just another fart in space
Times had come, times are past
You didn’t learn, you’re still the last
No hope is left for you



I can see your smile, shining bright like the sun
But inside your heart, you know what you’ve become
A bulls eye situation, I caught you in the act
I’ll better keep on searching, as a matter of fact
see my bloodshot eyes, see me without disguise
My limbs so numb, can’t walk this path and stop

you watched me cry, you’ve seen me die
You were so right, sometimes so wrong
Loyality is hard to find

Dumb and blind

Look me straight into my face, I’m not afraid
I tell you what I think you, say welcome to your lonely days
Do you know the feeling when love slowly fades to hate
Do you know the pressure when you’re trying to change your fate



A perfect lie
At the perfect time
Say good bye
To what we had
Wake up where are you
This is getting out of control
Drowning in a lake of tears
Empty words, empty fears

It’s not a fucking nightmare
You know it’s true my friend
Don’t look away….

And I hear you scream
Hear you scream tonight
Hollow words cause predictable results
And I hear you cry
About forgotten times
But I can’t save you from yourself

Too much time, too many stupid thoughts
Now you sit there alone, your dreams are destroyed
A thin line between right and wrong
As time goes by you’ll recognize but it will be too late



Looks like you made
This story is bizarre
You heard the news about me
There was no place too far
I’m aware of your life, aware of the lies
You told everyone, how can you sleep at night

trying to figure you out
Not to bring myself down
Illusion and reality becomes blurred

But today I know
That I can live without you
Now I’m able to let go
Of this mad world, that I’ve been through

Hate and anger
Begins to rise
Like a phoenix after it fucking died
One day you’ll face all of your sins
You’ll face your evil twin
Sincerity and truth
Nothing but a bloody fake

it’s enough to drive me mad
This shit makes me fucking sick
You left me to my own devices

It’s so hard to take the fear of dying alone
So I’ll not waste another thought on you



Words cut my veins
And sting in my chest
This postcard romance lost it’s best
I stopped to pretend
That I feel okay
Should have walked earlier this way

this void I stare into, helps me to forget
These dark clouds I run through, static state of reject

Now that I see it
Now I can breathe it
Whenever it hurts
Need a pill for this pain
Unexpected actions, unforgivable shame

your fingerprints stay on my scars
Eternal, never ending wars
Many unforeseen nights
Defeat brightest lights



You said you would
You’d never lie to me
You said you would die form e
Now you’re the one
Who’s dying for some sympathy
Stuck in endless apathy

teach me love, rape my mind
Teach me hate, hate and lies

the empty look inside your eyes
Another perfect advice
A reminder: don’t think everything is true
Don’t bite the hand that feeds
Don’t bite until it bleeds
In the silence even quiet people scream too loud

Build to destroy
All your bridges have been burned
I hope you’ve got your lesson learned
Everything happens for a reason
Vengeance is what keeps me strong
Sleep with one eye open all along