i still remember when this all began
remember YOU where there…
supporting love and pride and every night
we fell how much care…

on nights like these i thing gets clear
without YOU we would not stand here
2nite a dream is coming true
the reason we are here is YOU

with all the time and work we’ve spent
all this is more than just a band
a family you never leave
now we return what we received

i close my eyes remember how
i’m looking up to where i’m now
all you hate is what we do
we gonna come and fuck you, too

fuck the day you’re born
fuck the day you’re dieing
fuck the day you’re torn
2nite you’re cryin‘


once upon a time i was trying, to forget about this, i was crying
now see that i’m weak – not able to speak, about my fear of „us“ dieing.
later on i tried to, get rid of the people i lied to
i was making my day – ignoring all this away, i don’t give a f**k if i had the right to.

i don’t care what you say, i don’t give a f**k
but now i see what you’re meaning to me.

i said don’t break me, please don’t forsake me
without you i am lost, i wanna break free, break free.
i said don’t break me cos i know, this pain just makes me feel so low
like i’m deaf – like i’m blind, i wanna leave this, wanna leave this all behind.

then i reached the point where i fucking saw, it wasn’t you i’m doing all this for
but you kept on playing – ignored what i was saying, too bloody all the pictures that i draw.
i see through the pages of my mind, i see you, me, see i’m blind
it doesn’t help if long for changing all the wrong, decisions you made cos they are far behind.

many times i’ve cried, so many times i’ve lied
i see you’re here with me, you’re always by my side
so many times i’ve seen, how f**king cute you’ve been
but now i see: nothing…nothing…nothing…nothing…no


i remember the very 1st time that i saw you on that train
looking over – you were smiling and that smile just drove me insane
what’s her name and where’s she going will i ever see her again?
30.000 fucking students and 1 smile makes me her man

i asked daniel for your number, he was 2 shocked 2 refuse
he said sorry, she’s got a boyfriend – i don’t care but it’s the truth
a secret message on my homepage asked her 2 go out with me
„that was so cute“ – she’s agreeing and i’m happy as can be

chorus: all i know – all i need, i want you 2 be here with me
all i say – whatever i do, all i really want is falling asleep with you

i remember how she mentioned that she’d like 2 go 2 „Cats“
got 2 tickets, what an evening, what a night and no regrets
it was this night when it happened that i finally lost my heart
she was so cute that’s the problem, should have known right from the start

i invited her 2 coffee in a street called „Simon D.“
we were sitting, laughing, smiling and she’s staring right at me
i am falling, i am flying – what i did might have been wrong
she was so cute that’s the problem – she closed her eyes for a bit 2 long


pillow fights on my bed – dirty thoughts in my head
and i just want 2 be with you right now
hust wanted 2 kiss you – i don’t want 2 miss you
i wanna be with you i don’t know how



I don’t know why, I still believe in this, and I don’t get all my fucking helplessness
I can proof whatever you just denied, and you don’t see that nothing in here’s alright
you think you know me but you don’t know at all, what I’ve been through, trying to break this wall
that keeps me caught in a prison of doubt and fear, that prevents just to get myself out of here

this is me…………………..with all my faults and dependence
this is me………………… don’t expect my attendence

bridge: all this pain, that I feel, caused by wounds, that won’t heal
till I find something new, and I face my life’s real
And I’m trying to escape, and I try not to take, everything you said

chorus: This is me-can’t you see, that I’m everything you need
and I’m trying to remember, I feel incomplete
This is me – can’t you see, what you’re doing to me
I hate you bitch-you walked out on me

but now I face, that every single lie, that you have told, was just a desperate try
to keep myself, in faithful disbelief, that there’s a way, out of all my grief
that there’s a path out of all this pain, tryin‘ to accept, that I’m a simple grain
on a coast with a billion of grains of sand, just pick me up, I’m running through your hands

you walked out on me…………

I need you bitch-Don’t walk out on me